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April 13 2015


Now confirm your pregnancy with the help of pregtest card!

How a woman can determine the fate of a fetus or infant?

This question seems to be very simple but an answer is definitely not. There are so many complex situations, logical reasons, arguments to justify this most debatable topic. Whether woman should abort or try to prevent an abortion. In both the cases she is supposed to take help of medical science. But law also plays vital role in this regard. Women who live in the countries where abortion is illegal definitely try to pursue unsafe abortion and some women really go mad and become victim of psychological disorders. No one has any idea about the intensity of this issue.

What is pregtest card?

Pregtest card is a device. This is the most user friendly device and delivers prompt result within shortest time period and lowers your anxiety about confirming the result in terms of positive and negative. This pregnancy confirmation device recognizes human chorionic hormone. This hormone is only found in the urine of a pregnant woman. This is how pregtest card works. It is safe and easy to use. This reduces your effort to visit the clinic to ensure your pregnancy.

How it is used?

After your last menstrual period kindly wait for eight days to have better result. Use dropper and bowl to collect little amount of urine and with the help of a dropper you can pour it on to the pregtest device and now just wait for few minutes. If it displays two vertical red lines, it means you are pregnant and ready to take further decision. If it shows only one vertical line, it means the test is negative.

What are the side effects?

It is good to know that pregtest card has no side-effects. If you are pregnant and consume an abortion pill then it is altogether different but as far as pregtest card is concerned there are absolutely no side effects. Because it does not come into the contact with internal organs.

How to decide about pregnancy test?

If you observe signs like missed period, nausea, frequent urination, spotting in the vaginal area, breast tenderness then it is the right time for you to decide and confirm your pregnancy. There are multiple brands available in the market to offer pregnancy test kit but all of them are equally effective. Cipla’s pregtest card has proven its efficiency and many women have used it till date and could determine their future.

February 27 2015


Pregtest Card for Detecting Pregnancy

Pregtest card is a pregnancy detecting strip which can determine if the woman is pregnant or not. It is the most safe and easiest way to find out if the woman has conceived or not. Women can perform it at her home in her privacy and it is detected by HCG in urine samples.

When women can take pregnancy test?
Women can get a negative test which is false if she takes the pregnancy test too soon. The Pregtest card shows positive result only when it detects the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone well known as HCG. The egg after ovulating nearly takes almost a week for travelling to the uterus through fallopian tube. The human chorionic gonadotropin is created after the implantation of the egg fertilized in the uterus. Without the implantation of the egg in the uterus the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin cannot be produced.
Women’s body cannot produce sufficient HCG in early pregnancy which the Pregtest card may not detect. Some women also produce very low level of HCG hormones which cannot be measured by Pregtest card.

Although Pregtest can detect the Hormone HCG on the very first day of the missed period women can get precise results.  Usually sperms have the capability to stay for five days in the fallopian tube. The pregnancy test should be taken in the early morning as the urine contains more concentrated HCG hormones.

How to take the pregnancy test?
As mentioned above the pregnancy test should be taken in the morning as it contains concentrated HCG hormones.  Take the urine in a cup and by holding the strip handle dip it in the cup. Make sure you don’t dip it beyond the mark line. Hold the strip for three seconds in the cup. Do not hold more than five seconds and then wait for five minutes for the result to appear. Before taking the test make sure you do not drink much fluid as it may interfere with the HCG hormones and give inappropriate results.

How to know if the test is correct?
If a woman is experiencing any pregnancy symptoms then she should take the pregnancy test. The pregnancy tests are as follows:
• If a woman misses her periods it is considered as she might be pregnant, it does indicate the pregnancy to some extent but not always. Women missing her periods can be caused due to other reasons like hormonal changes, depression, stress; some women suffer from irregular periods.

• Women can experience a change in their appetite. Due to nausea some women can eat less or some women can get cravings to eat something more.

• When pregnant women go through hormonal changes which affects her mood often. As the body tends to adapt to the pregnancy women may feel tired fatigued. Breast tenderness is a common symptom in pregnant women. Backache and headache is also experienced by pregnant women.

How to get Pregtest card?
Women can easily buy Pregtest card online as it is available in reduced expenses and it is delivered at your doorstep. Pregtest card is the best choice to detect pregnancy accurately.

Get more info on pregtest card, birth control and mtp kit .

February 18 2015


Use Pregtest card to confirm pregnancy news

Pregtest card is the simplest method by which user can confirm her pregnancy. As to become pregnant is the beautiful moment for any women and to get his news confirmed, medical experts has come up with the amazing method known as Pregtest card. This is the one which will identify the HCG hormone because of which it will be confirmed that whether the woman is pregnant or not. It is the simplest method which can be performed at home also. Buy pregtest card online and without knowing to anyone user can check her pregnancy result. Even the cost of this kit is not much and is the convenient way to go for. This will give the woman a clear indication of being a mother or at least before visiting the doctor she will have a rough idea about her pregnancy. Nowadays, pregtest card is being used by large percentage of women and they become sure about their pregnancy before the reports of the health practitioner.

How the test is done?
1. Collect the urine in a clean dry container.
2. Take the pregtest card and place it in a plain surface
3. With the help of dropper which is available with the kit, take two drops of urine and place it in on the card where usually “s” is marked.
4. Wait for 3-5 minutes and then check the results.
5. If 1 pink color band appears then the test is negative (not pregnant)
6. If 2 pink color band appears then the test id positive (pregnant)
7. If no band appears then it indicates that the test has not done properly and user needs to repeat the procedure in 72 hours.
By following these simple steps accordingly, user will come to know about her pregnancy easily. Hence, pregtest card is the simplest method which is used by all the women.

Are pregtest card accurate?
Pregtest card are the perfect one that display the result to the user, they give 99% excellent and accurate results to the women and hence it has become the trustworthy kit of all. It perfectly detects the HCG present in the urine and gives the result accordingly.

Will the test work if user has just missed the period?
If such situation arises, then women should wait for 2 days for that particular week and then later she should perform the Pregtest card test. As due to menstrual cycle, it will not give the desired result and it will lead to some misconception. Hence it is advised by the medical experts to wait for some days.

What if the faint line appears on pregtest card?
There might be cases that user may get a faint line which will be confusing to the user. But no need to worry as it indicates that the test is not done in a proper manner. Other reason will be like user has taken much time to read the result and the drops of urine has become dry on the card. In such case, it is suggested that user should perform the test again after some days or still if she doesn’t get the correct result with the help of Pregtest card then she can have an appointment with the doctor.

December 31 2014


Use Abortion pill kit and go for planned pregnancy

Earlier couples never understood or rather gave no importance to family planning concept and therefore there was no need of such abortion pills stuff as couples were happy with the new member which is going to be arrived. But now due to future plans of carrier and financial stability factors, pregnancy is being delayed for some years and is being planned. Still if in situation a woman gets pregnant and she wants to quit this unintended pregnancy than online abortion kit is available at her service.

How Abortion pill works ?

Abortion pills are the safest and FDA approved medicines that takes care of the women and terminates the unintended pregnancy smoothly and without much pain. Online abortion pill kit basically consist of two prominent medicines which are mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone abortion pill is the medicine which is to be consumed orally and it will stop the work of hormone progesterone whose function is to complete the pregnancy process. After 6 hours or till 48 hours next tablet is to be taken which is misoprostol. This softens the cervix and makes the uterus to contract and makes it empty. Later on user will suffer from heavy bleeding which indicates that the correct abortion is being done. Thus it is the simplest way to go for instead of surgical abortion.

Can we buy abortion pill online?

Yes, you can easily order it online as it is the best way to purchase and because of which your abortion news will remain private and you won’t feel awkward. Another advantage of abortion pill online purchase is that user can see the prices as there are enormous online pharmacy stores available which provides this medicine and they can compare the prices with other stores and can place the order from the site which is affordable to them. As well some online stores provides with offers on some medicines which will act as a plus point to them.

Benefits of abortion pills

1.The most important perk of this medicine is that no surgical instrument is included in this method.
2.Its inexpensive as compared to surgical one
3.Safety is maintained in this process.
4.Being legalized by FDA


Before consuming abortion pill, user must be aware of the following points that are important for her health.

1. When a woman is ready to take this pill she is prohibited from the intake of alcohol and smoking.
2. Before the completion of 9 weeks this medicine is consumed.


1.Women may undergo from abdominal pain
5.Heavy vaginal bleeding

Note: But these are time being problems which will get reduced after a certain period of time. Still if any of these pains lasts for long time then user should consult it with the doctor as soon as possible.

November 19 2014

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